Tomorrow We Vote

What Is Tomorrow We Vote?

Tomorrow We Vote (TWV) is a non-partisan, non for-profit organization headquartered in Phoenix, AZ. TWV was created to inform, motivate, encourage civic engagement, and register new voters in the 17 – 18 year old age group; primarily through the high school system.  Outreach involves partnering with local public high schools, district leaders, parent/teacher groups and student council groups to educate, engage, and inform them of issues which may affect them they’d otherwise not be privy of knowing.

What Do We Do?

During the 2016 election, 46.1% of young voters aged 18 to 29 participated in the election, yet in the 2008 election, 89% of voters in the same age group casted their vote. The 18 – 29 age group will soon become a larger voting block than Baby Boomers. Studies show that if a voter becomes engaged in voting when they become eligible, they are more likely to continue to vote. Voting is the way that we can use our voice to change policies affecting our lives and our community. The rise of young Americans demanding for their voices heard on issues that impact their lives to politicians and policy makers is shaking up the old way of how public officials engage with their constituents. Now is the time to support these future voters!

How Can You Help?

Donations are always welcomed and dearly appreciated. You can donate directly or buy a t-shirt and spread the word to your friends, community, local high school teachers and students. We’ll be looking for volunteers to help get the message to the kids as well as assist in our organizing of events to register these new voters.