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Unification through the Tomorrow We Vote National Convention 2020

On Monday, September 21, 2020, Tomorrow We Vote launched a large video project they had been working on for about a month to highlight voter engagement and focus on new and young voters. It is called the Tomorrow We Vote National Convention 2020. The idea was to cover the issues that concern young people as is usually discussed in their class presentations. But due to Covid-19 and the extended closures of schools due to government mishandling, TWV was forced to get even more creative. So, after being inspired by the DNC and RNC National Conventions, the question asked within the organization was “But what about a nonpartisan Convention”? Thus Tomorrow We Vote National Convention 2020 was born!

Videos were created and submitted by specific people around the country who were asked to participate and who represent The United States. As a result, an hour-long Convention was created and displayed the concerns of many areas of humanity (many largely ignored) who rely on votes to help improve their experiences as American citizens. Feel free to check out the Convention as a whole by visiting this page or view each person’s video by clicking on them individually and share them to help influence people to register and get out the vote!


TWV National Convention
TWV National Convention

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