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TWV presents Souls to the Polls – October 28, 2018

The upcoming election on November 6th will determine a lot of local positions which could change the course of history in the United States. Tomorrow We Vote had done a lot over the last couple of weeks to ensure people used their right to vote. Having a Souls to the Polls event wasn’t on our schedule at first until we realized voting didn’t have to assume to be dull and lifeless. Sure, you could vote by mail or at the polls but what if people celebrated the act? What if people enjoyed their right by gathering together and making a festival out of it? And that’s where it started!

After advertising through many means of digital videos, billboards, flyers, phone calls, and texts to remind citizens not only of the upcoming mid-term elections but to vote early on a special day off and drop off their ballots along with a celebration. The Maricopa County Recorder’s Office worked with us to open four locations throughout the valley on Sunday for citizens to vote. And they came in droves! Burton Barr Public Library was ground zero for not only the poll but where the Souls to the Polls Festival was to take place.

The festival included a cultural experience Phoenix had never seen before. Puerto Rican dancers and singers, an R&B Singer (Vaughn Willis), First New Life Church Gospel Choir, Live Indigenous Art (Craig Cleveland), DJ Juicy Boy, face painting, spoken word and more! This free event which lasted from 1PM – 5PM brought community together in a political setting where even candidates running for office came to participate.

We’d like to thank those who partnered with Tomorrow We Vote to pull this event off: Zulema Rodriguez and Movement Voter Project, Pastor Reginald Walton and the AACCC, Dulce Juarez, Jenny Eisel and Stand Indivisible, Keisha Jones, Yolanda Medina and VoteRiders, Equality Arizona, The Three Amigos (John, Manny, and Shantelle) and many volunteers along the way! Without you all, this wouldn’t have worked!

The Souls to the Polls Team!

Photography (except above pic) by Moonlight Photography

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