Tomorrow We Vote

Tomorrow We Vote’s Statement in the Wake of the George Floyd Murder by the Minneapolis Police

George Floyd Memorial

During the Tomorrow We Vote presentations to high school and college students around Arizona, we always ask what issues affect their generation? Many of these young people respond with “police brutality” and “racism.” These long generational-aged concerns have penetrated through the newest voting-aged citizens who are not immune to its effects or the destructive nature it leaves in its wake. They feel the need to voice their concerns through their vote, their voices, and their social media accounts.

Lately, the George Floyd murder at the hands (and knee) of a Minneapolis police officer verified these young people’s concerns; not to mention all they’ve witnessed on the news about the violence related to police conduct here in their home state of Arizona. They’ve pledged to use their voting powers to try to be the generation of change and inclusivity where their ancestors were pushed to fail.

The country has reached another tipping point where authoritarianism has clashed with civil disobedience marching in the names of #blacklivesmatter and #justiceforfloyd. The result? Anger and frustration in the manifestations of protests and riots. And violent reactions in the manifestations of police brutality and looting.

As representatives on their behalf, Tomorrow We Vote vows to keep the conversation alive and be the conduit between older and newer generations when their concerns need amplification. Racism and police brutality have no place in our society and this new generation of young voters is prepared to relinquish its choke on American society through their vote. We stand with them 100%.

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