TWV’s One Week of Action (Dec. 12 – 18)

2020 has been a challenging year. As the country reopens due to the Covid-19 crisis, misinformation continues to spread, and people are still promoting anti-masking and anti-vaccinations. This has affected immigrants seeking a new life at the border becoming sick, a shortage of staffing to help, and deaths have occurred. On top of that, Critical Race Theory has been rebranded by it’s antagonists and they’ve begun to cause uproars at school board meetings, ban books, and cause division between Americans over how to teach history – as well as what not to teach. School shootings have begin and gun violence is on a rise from the pandemic numbers. Politicians are doing almost nothing to quell the divide or even help solve the problems which most Americans agree upon. Time for some action Something needs to happen! So, as we get ready for the holidays, students wrap up their studies, and organizations prepare to wrap up their final numbers, we at Tomorrow We Vote have an ask. Would you be willing to do one more push? Would you be willing to help improve this state for one more week of action? We’re asking all progressive organizations, individuals, faith-based organizations, and volunteers to join us for “One Week of Action!” From Sunday, December 12, 2021 – Saturday, December 18, 2021, we want you to dig in a little deeper and organize for at least one of those days. Some ideas could be: Zoom calls to organize for next year Collect signatures for ballot issues Have volunteers knock on doors for a canvass Voter registration drives House parties to launch issue-based campaigns Plant trees for the environment Anything to reach the people! Tomorrow We Vote respects all of the organizations in the state and many have included us in their plans. We are always willing to team up and work with non-partisan organizations, groups, and people who want to do good work for the masses. If you’re interested in working together on a project, please reach out to us at [email protected]. There are so many issues that need to be addressed and it’s impossible for a single org to cover the whole state – no matter how much funding you have. So, let’s all do our part for one week and cover as much ground as possible! Are you in? Because we certainly are. We’ll be posting up a schedule of our events for our One Week of Action plan. Please also share yours so we can amplify it! Tag @tomorrowwevote or use the hashtag #actionweek in everything and we’ll repost. Sign up to volunteer If anyone wants to VOLUNTEER with us on this, we’d love to have you on our team! Contact us using the Volunteer form here.

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