Lesson 4: Discussing The Role of State Senators

In our attempt to focus on local governments, this lesson is regarding the duties of State Senators and how it differs or relates to State Representatives. Watch the video below to become informed and visit TWVocalize to express your opinion! Transcript: The legislative branch doesn’t just have House members so let’s discuss Senators and what their role is in government. Intro! The other part of the Legislative branch of government consists of the Senate. In case you missed the lesson on the State House of Representatives, go back and visit to understand how they differ from the Senate. Senators also take an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States and their own states. They’re also voted in by eligible voters from within their state. Their job differs slightly from Representatives, though. Also representing districts inside of their states, there are fewer Senators than Representatives. For instance, in Arizona, the Legislature consists of only 30 Senators; one from each district. Their terms are also two years. Senators can introduce and draft legislation, enact bills, and also place constitutional amendments for voters to decide. Senators can also confirm or reject gubernatorial appointees for Executive branches of government. And it’s the Senate who have the ability to try, convict, and remove elected officials by order of impeachment. State Senators may vary by each state so look into your own state to see where those changes may lay. But there’s no doubt Senators hold a lot of power in the state which also includes tax increases and annual state budgets. Imagine how much power YOU have as a voter considering you can decide who represents you…or not. Think about that.

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