Lesson 2: What Do State Representatives Actually Do?

This week’s lesson revolves around State Representatives. We vote them in but do you know what they do in your state capitol? Watch the video and discuss among yourselves or wherever you see the video posted. Click below to view the video and join TWVocalize to discuss. Video Transcript: Hey! Do you feel like learning something important? Well, let’s talk about what a State House Representative actually does! Let’s go! A state house representative is part of the Legislative branch of state government. Each state will have their own elected number of representatives which make up the State House. For instance, Arizona has 60 Representatives which makes up 2 house members per district. Considering there are 30 districts in the entire state, the numbers coincide with how many reps make up the state. The House can draft, introduce, and vote on legislation. They have the ability to enact laws and propose amendments to the state constitution as well. Like the United States House of Representatives, the State House of Representatives hold the power to impeach elected state officials whereas the Senate holds trials and convictions. The terms for the Arizona State House is for two years. That’s when you as a voter come into play to vote them in or vote them out. Not bad for so much power to hold. Each state may vary when it comes to duties and age restrictions, so check your state for specifics. Hmm.. Maybe that sounds like something you’d like to run for someday.

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