Tomorrow We Vote Launch Party!

Tomorrow We Vote Launch Party! The Tomorrow We Vote Launch party was a hit! Hosted at JOBOT Coffee & Bar, we invited supporters out to simply enjoy each other’s company without the stress of campaigning, knocking on doors, collecting signatures, and other rigorous strategies this time of year during an election cycle. To see so many people come out in 116ºF weather to celebrate the launch of Tomorrow We Vote was overwhelming. People from all walks of life came through the doors and took a free button, bought T-shirts and drawstring bags, took photos, ate the free (and delicious) appetizers, and enjoyed each other’s company. Seeing unlikely people from different backgrounds discussing life one-on-one and exchanging social media contacts was the highlight since Tomorrow We Vote is all about connecting people. Whether that’s influential people with each others or young people with the people who are elected to serve them. So, thank you to JOBOT and Pablo (our gracious host and manager), all supporters and board members, donors, and Movement Voter Project for believing in our mission to register students to vote.

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