Lesson 3: Explaining The 25th Amendment

As an extra lesson for this week, we dive into the 25th Amendment. Due to a trending of the late-term amendment to the Constitution, we felt we needed to let young people know what the importance and significance of this amendment is. When you vote for someone, you want to make sure it’s the right choice for you. If something goes wrong with that choice, there are safeguards put in place. Watch the video below and it will explain. Don’t forget to join TWVocalize to discuss further. Transcript: You may be seeing online people calling for the 25th Amendment. We’re all familiar with the first and second but the 25th? Well, let’s clear that up for you. C’mon! We know the first amendment to the Constitution includes the freedom of speech, religion, assembly and more. We are familiar with the 2nd amendment’s right to bear arms. But what is the 25th amendment? Well, after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States, plans had to be set in place for a president’s successor. The 25th amendment was an effort to resolve some of the continuing issues revolving about the Presidential office. Such as what happens upon death, removal or resignation of the President and what proceeds that action. * It was already set in place for the Vice President to become the successor but what happens when the vice-president is unable to serve? Or what if the president is comatose like Garfield was for 81 days before dying? Or Wilson after a stroke? If the Vice-president stepped up, would he or she be acting president or president? And if the original president recovers, who would be President? After the Kennedy assassination and an empty Vice-Presidency, Congress acted. Thus, the 25th Amendment was born! The 25th Amendment was used in the 70s when Nixon’s Vice-President, Spiro Agnew resigned and he nominated Gerald Ford. It was used again when Nixon resigned as President and Ford became president on the same day, August 9, 1974. Then, it was used once again, since Ford needed a Vice-President and on August 20, 1974, Nelson Rockerfeller was appointed and confirmed! So, when you see people calling for the 25th Amendment, now, you know. They’re calling for the removal of a president.

Lesson 3: Explaining The 25th Amendment