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Students Hold A Candidate Debate For City Council Districts 5 & 8 Ahead of Election

On Friday, two students from Peoria High School held a candidate debate for the four remaining candidates running for Phoenix City Council in districts 5 and 8. Twin sisters and President and Vice-President of the Peoria High School Tomorrow We Vote Club, Elena and Larisa Andreyeva, helped organize the debate inviting the candidates to appear and answer questions regarding their positions on various issues.

City Council Debate Video

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The students challenged the candidates

Held at the Tomorrow We Vote Office in the Cosecha Co-Op space, the hosts asked various questions to Carlos Garcia and Vania Guevara of Districts 8 and 5 respectively for nearly 45 minutes. Opponents in the same race, Mike Johnson and Betty Guardado, called in advance regarding a conflict in the schedule and were unable to attend. Garcia and Guevara answered questions regarding police reform, school safety, the environment, and more. The questions asked by the Andreyevas were well-thought out and the candidates responded candidly and succinctly.

Mail-in ballots have already been mailed and the polls will open for Election Day on May 21, 2019 in Phoenix, AZ at the following locations.

Thank you Carlos and Vania for attending and for Larisa and Elena for hosting and organizing the event. High school students who aren’t old enough to vote are already engaged in the electoral process enough to help plan this event. So, do your part and vote! To view Michael Johnson and Betty Guardado’s positions, watch the previous first run-off election debate by clicking here.

More information, visit the Phoenix City Council Runoff Site.

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