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Lesson 5: What Is the County Board of Supervisors?

The County Board of Supervisors oversees issues county-wide for each state. Their positions resemble City Council but have a much larger reach. Click into the video below to view what they’re about and how they function in your life. Visit TWVocalize and join in to discuss the video and position.


Welcome to another Tomorrow We Vote University lesson. As we focus on local elected positions, let’s find out what the County Board of Supervisors is. Don’t know? Let’s find out. Let’s go!

The County Board of Supervisors is a lot like the City Council positions except covers a lot more area. As the title suggests, they cover the county of the state they’ve been elected into. For instance, in Arizona, where they’re elected to four-year terms, Maricopa County has a Board of Supervisors as does Pinal County, Pima, Apache, and the others in the state.

County Board of Supervisors also exists in California, Iowa, Mississippi, Wisconsin, and several counties in New York. Other states may not have the specific title of County Board of Supervisors but have equivalent agencies. Your state may have something called County Council or County Commission. New Jersey has the Board of chosen freeholders. Check your state for the duties of the county supervisors.

These duties include approving the county budget. Some may even be responsible for collecting state taxes as well as levy taxes such as property or sales tax. These boards oversee county departments and like in New Jersey, authorizing expenditures and bonds as well as passing on all claims against the county.

It sounds like a lot of work for a voter to choose who should sit on this board. When the time comes, choose carefully, and look up their public meetings. Where you live may depend on its impact and on your wallet.

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