Tomorrow We Vote


Introducing Tomorrow We Vote University!

During this pandemic, we’re urging everybody to stay safe, keep washing your hands, staying healthy as possible, and make the best out of a bad situation. We know it’s difficult and young people love staying active. With school and our planned presentations canceled, we felt the need to create something to help young people stay engaged and learn about voting in the process.

Welcome to Tomorrow We Vote University or TWVU. This will be a resource hub where we’ve created a space for young people to be able to learn more about voting, increase their awareness, understand their own power better, and urge others to get involved. Our presentations have been made in front of thousands of students and we didn’t want the momentum to stop.

TWVU is designed as a weekly updated process with new videos, new quizzes, and other resources updated. The site will naturally expand as ideas are introduced, young people help build, and also they become the face of TWVU. There will even be times when young people will read and write the video scripts as well as create their own quizzes regarding voting and the political process.

We encourage anyone under the age of 25 to get involved and complete a profile on our social network, TWVocalize. This way, the future leaders of this next generation will be able to share ideas in a safe environment and with Tomorrow We Vote’s resources and mentorship. If this sounds like a good idea, please head on over and fill out your registration.

This current situation of distance doesn’t have to remove engagement. We just have to think outside of the box and make due. The future won’t stop so we hope the young people take control of it.


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