Tomorrow We Vote

Civix And A Slice Was A Success!

Last night, Tomorrow We Vote and Indivisible Phoenix teamed up to present Civix and a Slice: an hour and a half-long presentation which gives simple civics lessons to those who may have forgotten or never known and updates them on how it relates to voting. The entire event covered everything from federal and local positions which will be on ballots in midterm elections and general elections alike.

The audience became involved by answering questions and receiving cool prizes as buttons, shirts, and water bottles. Then, their highlight was splitting into groups to determine what issues related to the position in local government. This created a think tank between five groups who discussed how this affected the voting block.

There are more Civix and a Slice events set up so be sure to visit the Events page here and mark them down. You can also easily add them to your calendar by clicking on the “Add to Calendar” button where you’ll be aware of our future events. 

If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer for Civix and a Slice or hosting one of our events, please visit the Contact area and fill out our form. Someone from Tomorrow We Vote or Indivisible Phoenix will get back to you.