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TWV’s One Week of Action (Dec. 12 – 18)

2020 has been a challenging year. As the country reopens due to the Covid-19 crisis, misinformation continues to spread, and people are still promoting anti-masking and anti-vaccinations. This has affected immigrants seeking a new life at the border becoming sick, a shortage of staffing to help, and deaths have occurred. On top of that, Critical Race Theory has been rebranded by it’s antagonists and they’ve begun to cause uproars at school board meetings, ban books, and cause division between Americans over how to teach history – as well as what not to teach. School shootings have begin and gun violence is on a rise from the pandemic numbers. Politicians are doing almost nothing to quell the divide or even help solve the problems which most Americans agree upon. Time for some action Something needs to happen! So, as we get ready for the holidays, students wrap up their studies, and organizations prepare to wrap up their final numbers, we at Tomorrow We Vote have an ask. Would you be willing to do one more push? Would you be willing to help improve this state for one more week of action? We’re asking all progressive organizations, individuals, faith-based organizations, and volunteers to join us for “One Week of Action!” From Sunday, December 12, 2021 – Saturday, December 18, 2021, we want you to dig in a little deeper and organize for at least one of those days. Some ideas could be: Zoom calls to organize for next year Collect signatures for ballot issues Have volunteers knock on doors for a canvass Voter registration drives House parties to launch issue-based campaigns Plant trees for the environment Anything to reach the people! Tomorrow We Vote respects all of the organizations in the state and many have included us in their plans. We are always willing to team up and work with non-partisan organizations, groups, and people who want to do good work for the masses. If you’re interested in working together on a project, please reach out to us at [email protected]. There are so many issues that need to be addressed and it’s impossible for a single org to cover the whole state – no matter how much funding you have. So, let’s all do our part for one week and cover as much ground as possible! Are you in? Because we certainly are. We’ll be posting up a schedule of our events for our One Week of Action plan. Please also share yours so we can amplify it! Tag @tomorrowwevote or use the hashtag #actionweek in everything and we’ll repost. Sign up to volunteer If anyone wants to VOLUNTEER with us on this, we’d love to have you on our team! Contact us using the Volunteer form here.

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Tomorrow We Vote’s Statement in the Wake of the George Floyd Murder by the Minneapolis Police

During the Tomorrow We Vote presentations to high school and college students around Arizona, we always ask what issues affect their generation? Many of these young people respond with “police brutality” and “racism.” These long generational-aged concerns have penetrated through the newest voting-aged citizens who are not immune to its effects or the destructive nature it leaves in its wake. They feel the need to voice their concerns through their vote, their voices, and their social media accounts. Lately, the George Floyd murder at the hands (and knee) of a Minneapolis police officer verified these young people’s concerns; not to mention all they’ve witnessed on the news about the violence related to police conduct here in their home state of Arizona. They’ve pledged to use their voting powers to try to be the generation of change and inclusivity where their ancestors were pushed to fail. The country has reached another tipping point where authoritarianism has clashed with civil disobedience marching in the names of #blacklivesmatter and #justiceforfloyd. The result? Anger and frustration in the manifestations of protests and riots. And violent reactions in the manifestations of police brutality and looting. As representatives on their behalf, Tomorrow We Vote vows to keep the conversation alive and be the conduit between older and newer generations when their concerns need amplification. Racism and police brutality have no place in our society and this new generation of young voters is prepared to relinquish its choke on American society through their vote. We stand with them 100%.

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Introducing Tomorrow We Vote University!

During this pandemic, we’re urging everybody to stay safe, keep washing your hands, staying healthy as possible, and make the best out of a bad situation. We know it’s difficult and young people love staying active. With school and our planned presentations canceled, we felt the need to create something to help young people stay engaged and learn about voting in the process. Welcome to Tomorrow We Vote University or TWVU. This will be a resource hub where we’ve created a space for young people to be able to learn more about voting, increase their awareness, understand their own power better, and urge others to get involved. Our presentations have been made in front of thousands of students and we didn’t want the momentum to stop. TWVU is designed as a weekly updated process with new videos, new quizzes, and other resources updated. The site will naturally expand as ideas are introduced, young people help build, and also they become the face of TWVU. There will even be times when young people will read and write the video scripts as well as create their own quizzes regarding voting and the political process. We encourage anyone under the age of 25 to get involved and complete a profile on our social network, TWVocalize. This way, the future leaders of this next generation will be able to share ideas in a safe environment and with Tomorrow We Vote’s resources and mentorship. If this sounds like a good idea, please head on over and fill out your registration. This current situation of distance doesn’t have to remove engagement. We just have to think outside of the box and make due. The future won’t stop so we hope the young people take control of it. Visit:

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State of Arizona Executive Order – Stay Home Order

Arizona Governor, Doug Ducey has enacted an executive order called “Stay Home, Stay Healthy, Stay Connected – Physical Distancing to Mitigate COVID-19 Transmission.” It’s designed to keep people home during the coronavirus epidemic that’s sweeping the country. The order asks for citizens to only exit their dwellings for essential items and activities. It’s not as strict as people should take as this pandemic spreads around the world. As COVID-19 reaches passed 1,157 contractions and 20 deaths in Arizona alone, we recommend everyone just stay home. Don’t go outside unless you need to. Wash your hands thoroughly, and avoid people at a 6-foot distance when in passing. We need kids to return healthy to school when this is settled. To see the governor’s Executive Order, please view it below or download it here.

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2019 Year In Review

In 2019, Tomorrow We Vote presented to over 8600 people in 40 events which include 22 High School presentations and resulted in 744 voter registrations of Arizona students – most of whom will be voting for the first time in November 2020. Our approach to directly address students where they are with an education focus is working. And we also registered and updated information for 132 other residents. Our Accountability Surveys also hit over the 500 mark. We look forward to 2020 and hoping to double the results we’ve had here. That will take volunteers, donations, and a lot more time before the November 3, 2020 elections come. The youth are resilient and so are we. As long as they have a thirst to obtain knowledge on the importance of voting in their interests, we’ll be there to urge and encourage them! If you’d like to have Tomorrow We Vote present to your high school or college, please contact us at [email protected] or call us at 480-500-8116. You can also visit and contact us there. If you’re an Arizona resident and would like to complete the Accountability Survey, please do so at Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat – @tomorrowwevote

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Election Day for City of Phoenix Council Districts 5 & 8 is this Tuesday, May 21!

Important Dates and Times Monday, May 20 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday, May 21 (Election Day) from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Voting Centers Voters in City of Phoenix elections are not required to vote at a specified polling place in the voter’s precinct. Voter can use any of the 11 voting centers to cast a ballot. This method of voting is only available for City of Phoenix elections. For faster service, voters are encouraged to bring their driver license, state-issued identification card, or voter identification card. Broadway Heritage Neighborhood Resource Center 2405 E Broadway Rd 24th St / Broadway RdCesar Chavez Branch Library 3635 W Baseline Rd 35th Ave / Baseline Rd Desert West Community 6501 W Virginia Ave 67th Ave / Encanto BlvdEastlake Park Community Center 1549 E Jefferson St 15th Street / Jefferson StHelen Drake Senior Center 7600 N. 27th Ave 27th Ave / Northern AveMaryvale Community Center 4420 N 51st Ave 51st Ave / Campbell AveMemorial Presbyterian Church 4141 E Thomas Rd 44th St / Thomas RdNorth Phoenix Baptist Church 5757 N Central Ave Central Ave / Bethany Home RdPendergast Community Center 10550 W Mariposa St 103rd Ave / Camelback RdPhoenix City Hall 200 W Washington St 3rd Ave / Washington StSouth Mountain Community Center 212 E Alta Vista Rd Central Ave / Southern Ave All information can be found here: City Council Run-Off Election

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Students Hold A Candidate Debate For City Council Districts 5 & 8 Ahead of Election

On Friday, two students from Peoria High School held a candidate debate for the four remaining candidates running for Phoenix City Council in districts 5 and 8. Twin sisters and President and Vice-President of the Peoria High School Tomorrow We Vote Club, Elena and Larisa Andreyeva, helped organize the debate inviting the candidates to appear and answer questions regarding their positions on various issues. City Council Debate Video The students challenged the candidates Held at the Tomorrow We Vote Office in the Cosecha Co-Op space, the hosts asked various questions to Carlos Garcia and Vania Guevara of Districts 8 and 5 respectively for nearly 45 minutes. Opponents in the same race, Mike Johnson and Betty Guardado, called in advance regarding a conflict in the schedule and were unable to attend. Garcia and Guevara answered questions regarding police reform, school safety, the environment, and more. The questions asked by the Andreyevas were well-thought out and the candidates responded candidly and succinctly. Mail-in ballots have already been mailed and the polls will open for Election Day on May 21, 2019 in Phoenix, AZ at the following locations. Thank you Carlos and Vania for attending and for Larisa and Elena for hosting and organizing the event. High school students who aren’t old enough to vote are already engaged in the electoral process enough to help plan this event. So, do your part and vote! To view Michael Johnson and Betty Guardado’s positions, watch the previous first run-off election debate by clicking here. More information, visit the Phoenix City Council Runoff Site.

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Phoenix Candidates Campaign for Votes in Speed Dating – Type Forum

Tomorrow We Vote is serious about voting and getting the vote out. And at the same time, we like to do things a bit different to make the political experience less intimidating. So, last Thursday, on February 7, we created a speed dating forum for the Mayoral and City Council candidates for Districts 5 & 8 in the Cosecha Co-Op, located next to the Tomorrow We Vote office. The result was every candidate in city council showing up and the Mayoral candidates opting out and substituting themselves for surrogates to speak on their behalf. Members of the community came to support and participate and have an intimate 2-minutes with each of the candidates before moving on to the other. This method was chosen due to the typical forum style which chooses selected questions written by audience members for each candidate to be asked and answered. As we like to give voters a chance to meet candidates intimately and know who they are personally, the speed dating allowed each person to have a conversation and actually get to know them. The community style worked so well, people eventually ignored the 2-minute limits and began having deep conversations with each person in the room and with each other. The entire Cosecha space turned into a community center where all involved were listened to and allowed to express their concerns on which they’d like fixed in their districts. Meanwhile, the entire event was recorded and broadcasted on Tomorrow We Vote’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts simultaneously to be rewatched, shared, and posted by anybody in Phoenix who wants to get their word and platform out for every voter participating in the March 12th event. The Mayoral candidates missed out greatly in this opportunity for people to get to know them in a unique environment and choose community and voters over every thing else. Maybe the next scheduled events will convince them to participate and get to know the people who will put one of them in office. Check the videos above to view the event. Photography by JJ Johnson of Intrinsic Imagery

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TWV presents Souls to the Polls – October 28, 2018

The upcoming election on November 6th will determine a lot of local positions which could change the course of history in the United States. Tomorrow We Vote had done a lot over the last couple of weeks to ensure people used their right to vote. Having a Souls to the Polls event wasn’t on our schedule at first until we realized voting didn’t have to assume to be dull and lifeless. Sure, you could vote by mail or at the polls but what if people celebrated the act? What if people enjoyed their right by gathering together and making a festival out of it? And that’s where it started! After advertising through many means of digital videos, billboards, flyers, phone calls, and texts to remind citizens not only of the upcoming mid-term elections but to vote early on a special day off and drop off their ballots along with a celebration. The Maricopa County Recorder’s Office worked with us to open four locations throughout the valley on Sunday for citizens to vote. And they came in droves! Burton Barr Public Library was ground zero for not only the poll but where the Souls to the Polls Festival was to take place. The festival included a cultural experience Phoenix had never seen before. Puerto Rican dancers and singers, an R&B Singer (Vaughn Willis), First New Life Church Gospel Choir, Live Indigenous Art (Craig Cleveland), DJ Juicy Boy, face painting, spoken word and more! This free event which lasted from 1PM – 5PM brought community together in a political setting where even candidates running for office came to participate. We’d like to thank those who partnered with Tomorrow We Vote to pull this event off: Zulema Rodriguez and Movement Voter Project, Pastor Reginald Walton and the AACCC, Dulce Juarez, Jenny Eisel and Stand Indivisible, Keisha Jones, Yolanda Medina and VoteRiders, Equality Arizona, The Three Amigos (John, Manny, and Shantelle) and many volunteers along the way! Without you all, this wouldn’t have worked! Photography (except above pic) by Moonlight Photography

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Why Should People Vote Challenge!

“Why Should People Vote?” Challenge Too many people have chosen to sit out on elections while others vote for them in their place. So, we want people to tell us (and the world) why people should vote! What is the importance of voting? If you want to participate and have a chance to win a Tomorrow We Vote Swag Bag (Tee shirt,  buttons, stickers, and an official TWV bag), then read the easy rules! Record a video of yourself answering the question “Why Should People Vote?” Video should be 30 seconds or less. Submit your name, email, and phone number (only first name will be posted) If chosen and uploaded, the most Views and Shares will win the grand prize! Last day to submit videos is October 31, 2020 Last day of View/Share challenge will be November 2 at 11:59PM (Arizona MST) Winner will be announced on November 3th – Election Day!! Tip: Get in early and Share, Share, Share!!! Uploaded videos will be on our Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram pages. Total amount of views + shares will win![caldera_form id=”CF5bac5957d28e7″][addthis tool=”at-below-post”]

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