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Book the TWV Office Space

The front space of the Tomorrow We Vote office is available for bookings. We understand not everybody who wants to do good work in the Arizona community has a proper space to organize. And we want to do something about that to accommodate them and their mission to improve Arizona through service. Please see the amenities and rules below to see if you’re a good fit. If so, book your time slot below and someone will get back to you.


If you have a startup organization or a nonprofit focused on nonpartisan community work or organizing but don’t have a space for meetings, launches, phone banks, texting centers, or trainings, please consider the Tomorrow We Vote front office. 

Cost: FREE (for startup orgs/groups for organizing)
Other Events Cost: $15/hour (for parties, fundraisers, media events)

Depending on the table and chair configuration, you can fit up to 20 individuals. 

Although free, we’d appreciate posting a public link or creating a fundraiser for donations to Tomorrow We Vote for help with office supplies, electricity, and upkeep.

Donation link:
Facebook Fundraiser link:
(click “Select Nonprofit” > Search “Tomorrow We Vote”)


  • Room Size: (13.75 x 20.25)
  • Bus stop in front of office
  • Parking lot (Except Tuesdays and Thursdays (12 noon – 5pm) and, Saturdays before 12 noon)
  • Laser Printer
  • White boards
  • WiFi
  • Keurig coffee maker
  • Microwave
  • Water
  • 20 chairs
  • 4 tables
  • TV for presentations
  • Two large speakers
  • Two microphones
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In order to operate in the Tomorrow We Vote Office, the priority is to include groups intent on improving Arizona through community outreach. Outreach could include various topics but it must lead to a more positive and safer environment for all people who live in Arizona. The rules are as such:

  1. Have a NONPARTISAN mission in your approach. Meaning, no particular political party preference should hold the weight of your work or your outcome. 
  2. You’re a startup group, nonprofit, or organization without serious financial backing and who need office space for organizing or as a home base for projects.
  3. Community work comes in all shapes and forms. Trainings & teaching, survey / canvass launches, texting groups, data entry / emailing, postcard writing, voting or issue-based initiatives, book clubs, and related activities all fit into the category of organizing for this office use. Ask Tomorrow We Vote if your mission fits into these categories.
  4. Supplies are for everybody to use. Coffee machine, cups, water machine, printer, wifi, plates, utensils, whiteboards, and A/C blower. Replacing these things take money and although the space is FREE, we’d appreciate each group leader either creating a small fundraiser (minimum $100) or posting our donation link to help offset the costs. Links are (click “nonprofits” and choose “Tomorrow We Vote) and
  5. Clean up after yourself or your group. If garbage is left or the room (or bathroom) is messy for someone else to clean, your group will be banned from future use of the office space.
  6. For individuals or groups (still nonpartisan) who would like to hold fundraisers or parties, their charge would be $15/hour per usage. This would also include small video/photo productions, podcasts, and streaming events.
  7. ALL events will be subject to a $15/hour charge for anything booked after 9:00PM. If your event is beyond 10PM, please note that in the request.

Taking the bus? No problem. Route 29 drops you off right in front of the office! Click here for the map and schedule.

Reserve Your Space Below

Choose your date and time below and submit your name and contact information as well as what you want the space for. The space will be held for you instantly until we approve everything and make it permanent. For multiple dates, click the “Enable Multiple Selection” button above and click “Book It” when you’re done.

Someone from Tomorrow We Vote will contact you for details and confirmation.